Friday, July 30, 2010

Sunny Days, Wasps and Goodnight Lenin

The last few days my wife and I have been treated to an artist's tapestry in the skies from our balcony. The flat is slowly, but surely, coming together and we are very much enjoying the beautiful Finnish summer.

I have started to develop a theory regarding Finnish insect life. I believe that the cleaner air, makes for more intelligent and advanced flies and wasps in this country. The U.K. equivalent is slow and lethargic, either from the excess sugar in their bakeries or just sheer lack of attention as they sit down to watch one mundane soap opera or another.

Finnish wasps are definitely more aggressive and also more intelligent. A few days ago a huge (no MAHOOSIVE) 'ampiainen' flew into my mother-in-law's kitchen and had me chasing it around for a good twenty minutes, flying from one side of the kitchen window to the other. What with the kitchen table in the way, it was becoming a struggle to actually get at the in my frustration, I shouted at it to "GET OUT!". To my astonishment, the wasp stopped flying erratically from side to side, flew straight out of the kitchen, straight through the living room and out of the balcony window. Just some food for thought...try asking the next wasp that annoys you to leave instead of smashing its head in. Don't bother with the flies, they're just ignorant.

As I believe I said in the last post my wife and I have just returned from visiting my family in U.K. and were lucky enough to watch my cousin's up and coming folk music band during a live gig. They are very unique and bring something a little different. They have their single launch night on August 6th, and I believe that the single is also available to download from Amazon. Very catchy tune from a very talented group. I wish them all the best!

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